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Competition among enterprises is ultimately a talent competition nowadays. Establishing what kind of talent concept and using what kind of person is related to the success or failure of the enterprise. Human resource is the most valuable resource of an enterprise.

Planning for his own good when troubles come is we called selfish. Planning for enterprise when troubles come is called selfless. Nobody can make achievement without the selfless dedication and the spirit of pursuing excellence. we adhere to this principle of selecting employees:  They need to be well combined in both moral integrity and capability. With moral integrity as of the first importance, we would make our way to hire those who have these two merits. For those who are noted as having good merits but less experienced man, we will let them start from the ground, educate and train them in an effort to help them to improve
themselves .For those who are quite talented but having limited moral principles, we will definitely say "No" to them. On the contrary, we will take necessary measures to keep them outside in case they become a potential danger to the whole company.

We apply performance appraisal, and stick to fairness on rewards and punishments. you will compete to get the position and show us your achievements to get promoted.
We offer the position based on your ability, and determine your value by your contribution. It is our dream to build up a team who has the same sense of value, and the same of belief. We will offer an fair and challenging platform for you to fully exert your capability. Hongtai is looking forward to working with all elites, and create success story with you.


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